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  • Elegant Structures Company has been offering quality products & services for its customers in all business sectors. Driven by its vision and its core values, the company's services include services and construction.
  • Due to its high quality services and the large number of satisfied customers, the company has been enjoying a growing client base and an increased demand for its services in the region.
  • ESC believes in building synergy among its divisions to provide total Services solutions to its clients. Such synergy ensures efficient utilization of resources and generates additional revenue streams for the company

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ESC is proud to be an all-inclusive development services company with high level experienced management & staff that have over 40 years experience in the field, to offer our clients unsurpassed depth & epertise in this market.

Although ESC was only initiated in 2012, ESC management & staff are amongst the most experienced in this field in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are proud of this experience which have earned us and outstanding reputation as experts in developing & managing a variety ofdevelopment projects in the short time ESC has been in existence.

Our current projects range from performing feasibility analysis and valuation services, development of residential, commericial and mixed-use facilities to providing value-added development & projects to best serve our portfolio, operations and our existing and future Clients.

We have earned the trust of a number of highly respectable clients including publicly traded companies, high net worth families and individuals as well as sole investors. We are proud to be engaged on a number of prestigious projects to deliver measurable superior results with our customized and personal approach to each project. We aim to serve your current & future real estate development requirements.

Vision & Mission

To inspire our stakeholders thru our creativity & commitment in our development projects.
To deliver elegant projects for the lasting benefit of clients & communities through development of our skills, experience and attention to details. To be the partner of choice in our target market segments in Saudi Arabia.

Management Policy & Action Guidelines

Management Policy
To take up the challenges of innovation and to respond to market needs as a diversified and multifaceted trading company.
Action Guidelines
To deliver customer satisfaction with creativity, innovation, sincerity and gratitude, and to act in compliance with the law and ethics.

Real Estate Services

  • Market Survey & Analysis
  • Partners & Investors Mapping
  • Sourcing of Attractive Plots of Land
  • Formulating Financial Models & Feasibility Analysis
  • Marketing & Sales Strategy
  • Facilities Management

Project Management Services

  • Design Development
  • Technical Supervision
  • Contract Management
  • Commercial Management & Cost Control
  • Planning & Project Management
Projects >> Selected Projects

Client :United States Military Training Mission , Eskan Village , Riyadh - Saudi Arabia.
Value ( USD $) : 6,500,000.00
Project Scope : Plant, irrigation, lighting and hardscape Installation , maintenance
Completion Date :Ongoing

Client :Khuzama Village Riyadh- Saudi Arabia.
Value ( USD $) : 6,500,000.00
Project Scope : Pruning and supporting of trees and bushes, Disease control of plants and lawns, Mowing and weeding the lawn and hedge trimming, Cleaning and removal of garden waste regularly checking the irrigation system and regulating it according to the season and keeping the garden neat and tidy.
Completion Date :Ongoing

Client :United States Military Training Mission , Eskan Village , Riyadh - Saudi Arabia.
Value ( USD $) : 970,000.00
Completion Date :Ongoing
Project Scope : Provide all necessary labor, materials ,transportation and equipment to complete villa split and renovation for 11 villas.
Completion Date :Feb, 2013

Supplying Materials
Client :United Stats Military Training Mission , Eskan Village , Riyadh - Saudi Arabia
Value ( USD $) :4,360,475.00
Project Scope : Supplying & Installing Air conditions System
Supplying & Installing Kitchen Cabinet
Supplying & Installing Kitchen appliance.
Supplying & Installing Gym equipments
Supplying & Installing TV Screens
Completion Date :2011 & 2012
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